During the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona, Board Members gathered to rebrand the future the Coalition for Concussion Treatment (C4CT) to the Global Brain Health Coalition (GBHC).

The name change from C4CT to GBHC took place, and was approved as members sat alongside other industry professionals, former professional athletes, representatives from the military, and media. During these meetings, the Board developed the game-changing name Global Brain Health Coalition to encompass a focus on total brain health, as well as challenges and treatments from around the world. 

Together, the Board refined the mission, “To become the leading global voice for brain health awareness and empowerment by converging science, clinical research, and impact.” The #GBHC Board has since been successful in obtaining nonprofit (501c3) status in order for tax-deductible donations and support to extend efforts for education and awareness opportunities in global brain health. This nonprofit filing comes alongside our partner, The Brain Treatment Foundation, based in Dallas, Texas to improve the treatment of TBI, concussion and brain health in Veterans. 

“We have already accomplished great traction in our last few years as #C4CT,” says Co-Founder and Ambassador Jack Brewer. “It excites me to take our next Summit to a higher level with an expanded mission, support from the global brain health community, and bring together the most important voices at Super Bowl 50. I truly believe we will now be able to collaborate to make a substantial impact for many brain altering diseases worldwide.”