Concussion, Neuropsychology Research and Awareness; MA Candidate

MA Candidate, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience; specializing in sport-related concussions & neuropsychology. Promoting concussion awareness.

Nicole Barry is currently in the second year of a MA in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience at Brock University under the supervision of Dr. Dawn Good, C. Psych. She completed a BSc (Honours, Psychology) at Mount Allison University. At Mount Allison her undergraduate thesis focused on the effects of concussion on episodic autobiographical memory and is currently being written for publication. At Brock, she is researching premorbid susceptibility to concussion, sequel that occurs post injury in concussion, including changes in personality, physiological arousal, and neuropsychological functioning. She is focusing her research on sport-related concussions as the number of concussions per year is consistently high. She believes policies need to be re-evaluated in the sport, and athletes and coaches alike need to be further informed of the consequences that can occur post-concussion as well as potential risk factors of sustaining a head injury. She is presenting to undergraduates at Brock University in the fall in the MedPlus program (aspiring medical students) on traumatic brain injuries. In her daily life, she is surrounded by athletes as she was a student therapist at Mount Allison for three years. She promoted concussion awareness to athletes and continue to learn about concussion and brain injury rehabilitation. She is also taking certified courses via the Ontario Brain Injury Association. She plans to continue to promote concussion awareness and research in the field.

*On behalf of the #C4CT Team, we admire Nicole's dedication in continuing to learn more about concussion awareness and we look forward to see where her education will take her!*

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