ONE MIND For Research

One Mind is dedicated to fostering fundamental changes that will radically accelerate the development and implementation of improved diagnostics, treatments and cures for diseases and injuries of the brain while eliminating the stigma and discrimination that people experience. Key to these fundamental changes is an adherence to open science principles, whereby data is shared and available to all. Toward that end, One Mind creates global partnerships within the governmental, corporate, scientific and philanthropic communities, while supporting groundbreaking new research that adheres to open science principles.

Unlike other major disease areas, such as cancer and heart disease, the brain does not have an umbrella organization. One Mind is in a position to move into that role, due to strong leadership, an established position in the scientific community as an advocate for revolutionizing collaboration, research and funding, and a demonstrated ability to convene diverse and key participants from science, government and advocacy.

Major programs of One Mind already in progress include Apollo, an open science interactive data exchange portal for brain disease and brain injury, and Gemini, a pilot program established to demonstrate that the support of large research studies for diseases and injuries of the brain, in concert with open science principles, will greatly accelerate the discovery of better diagnostics, treatments, and someday, cures. Gemini is set to enroll more than 8,000 patients internationally with PTS/TBI in multi-year longitudinal studies. Research indicates that many brain diseases are related, so as this pilot program proves successful, and as the data is shared, One Mind will branch out to other diseases and injuries of the brain.

Brewer Sports International and Amarantus Bio are proud to work with One Mind for Research and their CEO, General Peter Chiarelli to raise money and promote their great program through the #C4CT campaign. We look forward to hearing about their most recent work at the next #C4CT Summit at the United Nations on July 31st!

Learn more about One Mind and watch a great video about what they do here